วันอาทิตย์ที่ 26 มกราคม พ.ศ. 2557

The Sun and his Fair Lady.

2 years ago, I sat on the 16th floor of a high building on Sukumvit road. The 16th floor of this place is only welcome for the VIP guest and I can remember how much I was impressed when The Sun, a handsome young millionaire who is the owner of this building and and his Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Bumble Bee edition asked me to meet him at his room on 16th floor.

I strongly believe, once I used to be a young lady who is very special to him.

However, the topic that we had talked at that night was concerning nothing about love, but rather business instead.

I have to confess, no matter how much I loved this man. He is kind of benefit oriented. People who are jealous of me always siad that the main reason why he was kind to me and has some chit chat with me almost every day is because I have some tendency to make his dream come true, the business goal.

Well, how should I say it? I know that is sound and a bit glastly for me to accept that. Anyway, although we were so close and our relationship were being critized by others. I still live within my means and he never took advantage or did something bad to me in the way that those people anticipated.

"My Fair Lady, do you normally work on the day off? I heard that you are very well conected and decisive. I feel bad when I heard some one was cheating you! You are support to be a sucessful person and have a good parther. Are you interested to be my authorized dealer? I promise I will give you a good deal. It's not necessary to pay me in advance for anything too."

He bombarded with the good conditions that I cound't reject!

"One second please Sunny, let me think about it first. I'm interested in your offering. But can we slow thing down? Now I have to deal with my current project with my partners. So that can we postpone putting it in motion form tommorrow to the first of July."

I begged him.

"Sure, my Fair Lady. Being my partner, I can give you everything. You will not be in the red, go under or cut loss again. Your shop will be ahead of the pack."

That was his commitment and he was right. Since we have been joining together, I never sell our product at a loss. Moreover, some customers became our clients after trying our products. These thing made me so happy and upbeat about future prospectes for our brighter business.

According to the hierarcy of needs, Maslow's theory, this model is very good example and can explain my feeling toward my daily life nowadays. After 'The Sun Product Phenomena' I had a wonderful living for some extent. For example. using brandname bag, went to salon, traveling sometimes and had a good relationship among my friends. The advatage of being young and lovely is leading me to be a part of high profile people. I don't know why, but it's was easy for me to influence my adults to do a thing like cut a person off the project if I saw someone who is not cut out for a job without any show of hands of the majority. However, I felt empty and became the compliment addict. It was hurting me most of the time. Thank God that I'm not too stupid, those signs let me know there must be a thing that missing in my life. So I should find it to relife myself from this feeling soon.

Perhaps moving to the new lacation can be help! I had to searching for a vacancy first. Anyway, it was very difficult to find a the place for me and both 2 noisy parrots, my pet. The occupancy rate of the condominium where pet is allowed or pet friendly are far higher than the normal condominium. It occupies everywhere.

One day  while  I visited a condominium near Sartorn, I receive a post card form an oganization on the BTS. The postcard content was concern about the crowd of an orphans and refugees in Thailand. I looked at the post card clearly and was wondering why this kind of postcard can draw my attention. It was not about the poor people, but the pattern, fronts, pictures and colors of it, everything I saw were perfect. I suspected this organization must has a good graphic designer who is willing to do the best of his abilities and that is very cool for the organization to has a person like them.

Is there are related to me or not? I ask myself. To help other to get what they want could give me what I am looking for? But to be honest, I hate a hard work and to participate in somewhere that quite far away form my civil life can cause me dying. That way I can't imagin another way for helping these people that suit for me instead of donation.

Once I was a big fan of Kloset, I had a lot of Kloset Scarves. I used to buy the scarf in every season by asking Hero to queue up for me out of laziness. As Kloset scarves turns to be the legend scarf in Thai fashion society, I know that I can mark up the price form its face value, even some of mine were defected and worn off. So I decided to sell my Kloset scarves and donate the momey to an organization. My kloset scarves were sold out in 3 minutes after I posted it on siambrandname.com

Every time I log in siambrandname, I noticed that all of the hi-end items seem very easily to sell in every collection even during the economic recession. Or thing seems to fluctuate between the quality and the benefit. Last 2011. there was the big flooding in Bangkok. Someone told me that the brand manager of a hi-end brand who is very smart decided to be proactive by sending the salesman with catalog and goods to visit the client's house instead. This was his counter measure after knowing that the flood may has an effect on some locations of the department stores and the main road of Bangkok which cause the costomer to staying home due to the inconvenience of transportations.

It's kind of fun to run the business, but to build the business more sustainable is interesting and may be lot of challenges. I think I want to focus this as my next step. There for, I guess my blue days will pass away soon since I have found my new passion. My spirit always encourages me to perform better and go beyond the expectation of others. If there is the real an Alpha and Omega, it’s not too over too say that everything I am, my thoughts, my burning desires, my strengths, because I met him, The Sun who always looks so cool in his Galaxy.